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Faring Rises

Tyler's party part 1

This is the story of Faring, a small humble town that was cursed to a terrible fate that a brave group of courageous heroes stopped in the course of one singular night. That fateful morning for Faring began horrendously. A fair maiden left standing on an outcropping looking out into the ocean; her precious fiance weeks late from his brave fishing trip, a final effort for the cursed town and it’s dwindling food supplies. A vulture above cawed ominously off in the distance as the woman let one final tear fall before she rose from the rock that had become her only comfort these weeks.

In the town the Mayor watched from his window, observing as the children played with the only ball left in town, the rest taken by the storms that plagued the town due to the terrible curse. In his mind he remembered something his father had told him long ago, “This town is cursed, and one day, The Sahagans will sink our ships and come for the villagers. Pray that that day does not happen in your lifetime.” His eyes drifted upwards to the ocean, and saw the light of day stretch across the grey skies, not allowing even a single shred of hope to come across the town. “How can this day get worse?” He thought to himself, only to have the door flung open with word that another house had been blown down due to the high winds of the night. The day proceeded onward, and with every hour a new dreadful event unfolded for the town. “Yet,” the mayor thought. “The curse hasn’t gotten to us yet.” That is, until those hours that signaled twilight, when a cry of panic reverberated throughout the town. A body had been discovered on the shore, covered in seaweed, and was discovered to be one of the sailors from the missing vessel. By the time the mayor had made it down there to see who it was however, the rest of the crew had made it to shore, in the same seaweed covered delivery. The mayor rushed off to collect the loved ones of the now dead, but from the woods that surround the gloom filled town, stepped out four strangers.

The first to move into action was a half-drow, strange I know, but this fact is not a lie. Without a care for his social standing, he waltzed into the crowd to discover the cause of the commotion, caring not for his own well being, but for that of complete strangers. Stricken by his kindness the townspeople retreated instantly, but soon found comfort in his calming words. The second, a gnome, went to the bodies to see if any could be saved, but alas, her lateness brought a tear to the noble hero. The third was a Tiefling, a strange group of people I know, but she began a very thorough investigation into what had happened, and while seemingly young, she was surprisingly well grown up for her appearance. The final, a noble cleric, could not bring himself to be seen shedding tears in front of these tragedy ridden people, and instead stood vigil over the group.

As the mayor returned with the sobbing loved ones, one of them cried out in a panic, the maiden whose long nights involved waiting on an alcove into the sea, and rushed to her dead fiance’s dead body, the first to have been washed ashore. The group of heroes gave their condolences as the Tiefling questioned the mayor of what had happened. Unfortunately, the mayor had his own questions, which blinded him to the divine light that radiated from these people. Fortunately, he didn’t remain blind for long. The corpses were brought to the inn, where they were set up for a ceremonial vigil, a tradition of the town as the sea was a fickle being to the town due to the long standing Sahagan Curse, and would sometimes beckon the dead back to her only to spit them out the next day. The guards that were there for the vigil however, did not welcome the aid of the party, a mistake they would soon regret. As the middle of the night approached, a woman’s panicked cry could be heard, and as the town awoke, the found that all who had stood vigil, and those who stayed with their loved ones, had drowned in the middle of a wet town.

The investigation was hasty at best for the adventurers, and nearly half the town fell to the same fate, some even in front of the noble group. “The curse has come,” exclaimed some of the town, and after the Tiefling thoroughly questioned the mayor, the party walked, courageously, right into the ocean, not a care for their own safety. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what happened in the sea, for the only ones to know would have been that brave party, but according to the people, as the sun rose the next day, they came back, blood dripping off their equipment along with the sea water, with the dead corpses of multiple Sahagans, as well as as the head of the witch who had originally put the curse on the town a thousand years ago.

“The curse is broken!” they all exclaimed, victoriously.

Now, I cannot say if there was a curse on the town or not, but that very day the second ship the town had had returned, perfectly safe, with a large supply of food and furs, saving the town from their immediate crisis, and the mayor claims that he has made bold business arrangements with his neighbors, which should, and I quote, “Put Faring on the map, where it belongs!”

Now, I know that it isn’t as exciting of a story as even I hoped, but I only bring the known facts to you, and unfortunately, no one that is alive today saw the party even lift a single finger for combat, so I cannot even guess what they are capable of!

-The tale of the Cursed town of Faring and the latest story from the greatest disappointment of the bards guild, Filiopan


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