The West Marches of Game Den

Faring the true story

the village that almost wasn't

(Note found pinned to a bard discovered curled in a fetal position at the back of the stables gibbering like a lunatic )

Faring was a dirty stinky town I mean who can live with that fish smell all the time.

This town was so small that even their map didn’t have it listed. We came in at a very opportune time (or so Alfred tells me) as they had just discovered another body washed up on shore (Penny tells me this happens a lot in fishing villages and she’s real smart about that kind of stuff). Alfred and penny don’t get along and rarely agree on anything but I like them cause they can both be helpful when they stop arguing long enough for me to think. Any way I discovered that the body had been to the deepest parts of the ocean but know one knew how that could be and they kept talking about this silly curse thing(surprisingly Alfred and Penny both agreed with me that the curse was silly and they both know a lot about curses Alfred used to be a necromancer). During the night the corpse rose up and killed its fiancĂ©e which was very weird(Penny who spent some time as a ghost says they usually don’t go after Loved ones, I don’t know if I believe her as she killed her whole family off). We followed the corpse out to the shore where nature boy proved useful for once and discovered some tracks.

We followed the tracks for a ways and they led us to a saughin scouting party. Vadimir is really good at making things talk before we dispatched the Fish people we gathered intel about a Sea Hag in the area(I bet she has some nifty stuff we could take) so we made our way to this underwater cave(Have you ever tried breathing underwater it’s really hard) and there we found the hag she must a thought something was awful funny cause she spent most the fight lying on the ground giggling while we finished of her minions.

Anyway the town thought it was real cool that we lifted the curse and we are welcome back anytime but I was really hoping to make more friends but apparently Fishermen aren’t that friendly. Narly was so impressed he gave me nifty Tome to hold my spells in. Ohh yeah and he reminded me I’m not supposed to talk about him or Alfred or penny so you better forget I mentioned them cool Thanks

So that’s what really happened in Faring and I hope that bard appreciates the fact that I didn’t listen to Alfred and set him on fire although i’m sure he’ll never forget those voices I left him with. Playing with bards can be so much fun..

Yours Truly
Random “The Greatest”


KaydenHeiner Tidalis

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